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AMTE-Professional semiconductor equipment solution provider

AMTE(Advanced Materials Technology & Engineering,Inc.)was founded in 2011. Its main business is R&D, manufacturing and refurbishment of semiconductor equipment. The process types of semiconductor equipment provided by the company are mainly etching process and thin film process, and our customers are mainly manufacturers of integrated circuit (IC) and discrete devices (TR).

The headquarter of AMTE is located at No.1 Guanshan Road, Wuxi City, and its production center is located at No.1 Jinshan Road, Rudong, Nantong city. The production center is equipped with more than 2000 square meters of class ten thousand cleanroom and class one thousand clean - laboratory where we can run the process with specialty gas.

AMTE adheres to the corporate culture of "attitude, quality and efficiency", deeply ploughs into the semiconductor equipment industry, and has been committed to making contributions to the localization of Chinese semiconductor equipment industry.

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