TCP series V1.0 9400、9600 Series Plasma Etcher


TCP series plasma etching machine  9400、9600 Series Plasma Etcher
TCP series equipment is Lam's ICP based single chamber etching equipment, with a minimum etching line width of 0.3 μ m. Mainly used for etching silicon oxide, silicon nitride, polysilicon, silicon and metal materials for wafers of 8'' and under 8''. TCP equipment covers a small area and has high equipment integration, which is suitable for large-scale production. Also, the equipment is equipped with powerful RF system and gas system, which can accomplish the compatible development of various processes. TCP series equipment can be equipped with the options of electrostatic adsorption, envision system, etc., which can be chosen according to different process requirements. TCP series equipment had very large market share, strong spare parts channels is AMTE's strength. 

6'' and 8'' traditional silicon-based semiconductor production line.

4'' and 6'' SiC, GaN, GaAs process line

· Optional Envision operating system for easier operation, stronger data recording and data communication
· 8 MFC pipelines can be customized and compatible with various etching processes for R&D
· Upgrade the transfer and chamber kit to match the transfer and matching process of transparent film and thin wafer.
· 4-inch electrostatic adsorption can be customized for ultra-thin wafer etching
· High precision bias RF can be customized to achieve low-damage etching of GaN, GaAs and other materials
· Can customize the 9600DSQ Chamber of low-temperature stripping process
· Special Si etching solutions can be customized to meet the needs of small line width and high AR trenches.
· Provide a variety of new process development and solutions
· The software has safe and convenient authority management, humanized operation interface and perfect logging function, supporting factory automation