P5000 series V1.0


P5000 platform    Etch、CVD
P5000 is a multiple chamber equipment platform which can install up to four chambers. The etching chambers include Mark II, MXP, MXP+, super-E, etc., which can be used for etching silicon oxide, silicon nitride, polysilicon, silicon and metal materials. CVD chamber can be used for silicon oxide, silicon nitride, tungsten and other materials. P5000 platform covers a small area and has high space utilization rate, which is suitable for large-scale production. At the same time, it is equipped with powerful RF system and gas system, which can accomplish the compatible development of various processes. P5000 series equipment can be equipped with electrostatic adsorption which can be chosen according to different process requirements. P5000 series equipment had very large market share, strong spare parts channels is AMTE’s strength.

6'' and 8'' silicon-based semiconductor production lines

4'' , 6'' SiC, GaN, GaAs process lines

· Optional LCD touch panel
· Optional dual hard disk system
· Different chamber configurations can be customized to achieve multi-purpose
· Upgrade the transfer and chamber kit to match the transfer and matching process of transparent film and thin wafer
· 4-inch electrostatic adsorption system can be customized to meet ultra-thin wafer process
· Customized matching process for 4-inch and 6-inch Notch wafer
· Customized the solutions of low temperature CVD process
· Provide a variety of new process development and solutions